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Player Registration Form

Upon signing an Adult Player Registration form you are committed for the season and are to bring a NON DATED Safety Deposit cheque for $200 to the Edmonton AC Milan Soccer Club. This cheque is for things such as loss/damage of equipment, fines from the EDSA for on/off  field events or fines for damages incurred to the club. Jerseys must be hand washed and hang dried.  Please do not dry jerseys in the dryer as it damages the numbers and sponsorship screen print on the front of the jersey.  As the gear is purchased with AGLC monies it is a policy that is enforced in order for the players to continue to have quality product.  If you have signed an Adult Player Registration form, there are no refunds of Fees and/or Safety Deposits if applicable to your program. We expect that Safety Deposits are not cashed and all players conduct themselves in a professional manner. The board will make exceptions if there is a serious injury/illness to a player.