As part of the Edmonton AC Milan Soccer Club’s ongoing commitment to player development we have Player Development Coaches (PDC’s) for youth and a Men's / Women's Director for adults. These coaches develop all player’s technical abilities and tactical awareness, while also assisting each other with practice analysis / seasonal training plans. Through our Soccer Strides partnership, our PDC's orchestrate a full coaching staff and run sessions during the year for our private outdoor and indoor youth academy.

Santiago Muniz – Soccer Strides PDC

Favorite Team: River Plate

Favorite Player: Javier Mascherano – He has great work ethic.

Favorite Position: Center Back / Left Back

Favorite Number: 4 – The first number I ever wore.

Favorite Color: Grey

Favorite Food: Fish

Austin Berry - Soccer Strides PDC

Favorite Team: Manchester United

Favorite Player: David Beckham - He can defend and attack.

Favorite Position: Fullback

Favorite Number: 2 – My first number as a kid.

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Food: Tacos

Neil Dickie – Men’s Director

Favorite Team: Manchester United

Favorite Player: George Best – The Wayne Gretzky of soccer.

Favorite Position: Right Midfield

Favorite Number: 13 – No one ever wants to take it.

Favorite Color: Indigo

Favorite Food: Chocolate

Hector Fuentes – Women’s Director

Favorite Team: Arsenal

Favorite Player: Ronaldo - One of the best Brazilian players.

Favorite Position: Center Midfield - He gets lots of touches on the ball.

Favorite Number: 9 – The day I was born / my favorite players wore it.

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Food: Pasta